Well-cared for feet and beautiful toes contribute to the wellbeing of your entire body. Your feet are your roots, so do remember to take care of them.

About me

I am Anni Peltola, a pedicurist and a practical nurse by profession. I have more than 10 years of experience in foot care. I constantly want to improve my skills, so I took a basic course in zonal therapy in the summer of 2020. Customer service is close to my heart, and my greatest joy is seeing the customer leave with a new spring in their step and a smile playing on their lips.


Services and prices

Pedicure 60 min - 60€
Pedicure 75 min - 65€
Pedicure 90 min - 70€
Pedicure at home starting at 65€
Pedicures in assisted living facilities starting at 48€

Depending on selected service pedicure can include for example foot inspection, a foot bath, removal of calluses and hard skin, nail thinning, clipping and polishing. A final massage using cream and home care instructions.

Order pedicure to your cottage

Pedicures at home starting at 65€

I do treatments at the address Harjuntie 1 4B, 39820 Kihniö

Visits to facilities and homes are also a big part of my job these days, as many customers need services at home. As a practical nurse, I can assess the situation and consult other health care professionals when needed.